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Julio Sanchez Julio Sanchez @its_Sancheeezy

Can someone tell how ser jorah mormund brought dishonor to his house? #GameOfThrones #GoT

9 heures ago
Smugglers Exchange🛒 Smugglers Exchange🛒 @SmugglersX

A Lannister always pays his debts! And @SmugglersX We’re always giving away the BEST #Freebies! Don’t know about…

9 heures ago
Tracey's Basement Tracey's Basement @TraceysBasement

Winter…is most definitely here. 🤣 We’re announcing the #winner of the full case of #GameofThrones blind boxes fro…

9 heures ago
丸屋九兵衛を応援する腐女子の会 @FXXK tha POLICE🐖 丸屋九兵衛を応援する腐女子の会 @FXXK tha POLICE🐖 @QBgirlsandboys

@takudj 《QB-Duz-GoT❣️》
丸屋九兵衛氏 #GoT 連載の件、 @takudj さんInstagramのストーリー動画、タイムアウトまで1時間を切った?!

2 semaines ago
A Sound Effect A Sound Effect @asoundeffect

Paula Fairfield shares the story behind her sound design for ‘Game of Thrones’:…

1 mois ago
Rafael Nuñez Fan #1 Fire Emblem Rafael Nuñez Fan #1 Fire Emblem @rafael__nunez

¡Estamos sufriendo! Fanáticos de ‘Juego de Tronos’ queremos que los responsables de la serie pasen el episodio que…

2 mois ago
Ferret Slave Ferret Slave @FerretSlave

‘The Mountain’ Hafthor Bjornsson Crowned 2018 World’s Strongest Man #GOT #GameOfThrones via @BleacherReport

2 mois ago
Nasser Nasser @iinasser18

اعظم دقيقه في تاريخ المسلسلات 🤦🏻‍♂️🔥
#GameofThrones #GOT

2 mois ago


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